Welding safety tips (Head and Eye Protection for Welders)

In case of every industrial practice where your body is exposed to the hazardous environment, proper following of codes and standards has the utmost importance. Any single carelessness in equipment or personal protection could lead to serious injury or can cost a lifelong inefficiency.

Welding safety Measures


Here are some Welding safety tips that you should follow

In welding; safety helmets, glasses, goggles, and hoods should be selected according to the practice manuals and international safety standards set by the American Welding Society.

All these safety measures come under the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). PPE is needed to minimize the contact between practitioner and the dangerous material/fumes/smoke/heat.

Head Protection:

In the market, a number of helmets, hard hats are available depending on the size & potential exposure to heat. However choose the one, which suits you.

Remember that never select the helmet other than described in the safety procedure and don’t wear in any other way as described in the information brochure.

Visors and locks help you to keep your helmet in place while doing the tasks.

Just wearing a helmet isn’t enough. Check your helmet or hard hat after regular intervals or months and in case of any tear, or the crack replaces it without underestimating its significance.

Here is some useful Guide for buying a suitable helmet for your need.

Eye protection:

Eye injuries are common while performing heat operation. According to a report of US labor of Bureau statistics, 3 out of every 5 Injuries in welding happen due to the negligence of not wearing the glasses.

In some cases, it’s been witnessed that goggles provide much better safety than the safety glasses.

The eye injuries happen due to

  • Striking of flying particles and metal chips from the heat zone.
  • Radiation from UV and infrared radiation.
  • Fumes of chemical burning in heat.

Some helmets have built-in glass covers to flip it in front of eyes while performing work. However, in welding hat or safety helmet, you should get yourself glasses.

The glasses should be comfortable and must not affect your ability to clearly see the weld otherwise the precision limit of weld would be changed.

Don’t mistake contact lens with protective layering. In heat, lenses could melt and damage your eye permanently. Avoid using the contact lenses and opt for glasses.

Shaded lenses are a necessity while doing welding or brazing. Shades have grades numbering from 1 to 14 depending on the welding penetration and technique.

Infrared light can be harmful to eyes & often leads to blindness. Goggle should be vented frequently to avoid accumulation of fog. In the middle of the operation, Fog disturbs the operation and the accuracy of weld also becomes questionable. Customized chemical goggles are available in the market to save the eyes from dust, fumes, and chemicals.  

Apart from the welder, other people present in the vicinity of the heat and splashes sphere should also take care of themselves through maintaining an adequate distance from the operation. As a preventive measure, the helpers should wear goggles to avoid fire flashes and tiny metal chips that sometimes fly several meters in the air.

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