Is Welding A Good Career Choice? Benefits of being a Welder

Is Welding A Good Career Choice? What are the benefits of being a Welder? Will I get a good Job? Everyone wants to know the answers to these questions.

In this article, we will tell you, the scope and the potential of growth in a welding career.Welding safety Measures

In this global village, the selection of right profession has become very difficult for everyone.

Most of the people always seem puzzled on the question of career. It is either because of the environment (which doesn’t encourage them to explore themselves) or inefficient career counseling).

It’s an accepted fact that every field has pros and cons, the percentage of each varies.

However, there are some areas that are still unexplored or untouched by brilliant minds. Welding is one of those professions. There is a number of reasons why welding is a field worth adopting.

When someone is advised to join a particular field; he or she will definitely ask for the reason for investing so many years of life. The question about reason is quite sensible and must be answered before choosing the professional path.

Here are the 7 reasons; why Is Welding A Good Career Choice.

1.No Degree Requirement

Students go for university or college degree and most of them, study four years under the loan scheme. Upon graduation, they usually have to face twice burden, apart from finding a job, they have to pay the loan installments.

The job space is also shrinking due to the artificial intelligence. Tech geniuses like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have warned the world regarding the loss of millions of jobs after relying on AI.                           

So! In this case, welding can be an excellent choice as for welding profession, there is no requirement for an undergraduate degree in any particular field. Just enrolling yourself in a vocational program or a technical school would be enough to start your career.

The vocational program varies according to one’s previous knowledge and entry-level but on average 7-8 months, training can make you entry level welding technician. Within 7-8 months, the acquired knowledge makes oneself eligible for earning. Through earned money, You can join advance training or welding inspection certification. Precisely, a person should not have to worry about the loan or installment.

2.Versatile Job

The career selection should be done by taking into account the job market and industrial practices of a country. Some outstanding degrees and university education can’t fit you in country’s marketplace. Welders have many choices; from construction to maintenance, everywhere, industries need welders. The travel opportunities and selection of assignment make this job more attractive and economic.

3.High-Income field

According to estimates, welders make up to $40,000 in a year while the welding inspector or the advance training holders have seen earning twice that reported above. The more one becomes familiar with the latest technologies and invest in this professional life, the more he can earn.

Welding technicians in fields of Rig and Power Welding require advance safety training, but eventually, there are offered packages of $90,000.

The underground/or underwater welders are making $100,000 to $200,000 in a year while the welders working in the defense industry are earning $200,000 on yearly basis.

4.Enjoy Long leave

Welders Can enjoy long vacations. Welders around the world have to travel for the industrial shutdown. The maintenance shut-downs sometimes go for more than 6 months. So this field requires traveling and one needs to spend 6 months on the plant and then six months off.

However, the earning of six months gives financial freedom and you can enjoy remaining six months of a year without worrying.  

According to US National Association of Manufacturers, 14 million welders would be needed till 2020. The available workforce is retiring too early, while the coming worker’s strength is not matching the needs.

5.Evergreen Job

Developed countries are trying to convert their energy dependence from coal and oil-driven power plants towards green energy. The recent Paris Summit has also encouraged States to reduce carbon emission. As a result, countries are increasing the share of green energy in their energy policies.

The projects worth billions of dollars are in pipeline installation for which, they will require welders among many other skillful labors. Remember, this is going to happen to an environment where there is already a shortage of skilled labor.

With a credible welding profile, companies will pay whatever you ask for.

After the dwindling economies, most of the careers have lost their shine but persons related to this field are enjoying the same packages. Especially, in the shipbuilding industry, their need is more than ever.

Also, the instability in some regions has compelled the governments to invest in war industry and new defense project requires the careful application of welding techniques.

6.Women in Welding

Days are gone when the industrial careers were designated for men only. In the past decade, the percentages of women welders have increased by 2 % in the US. This is confirmed in a report by the US Department of Labor’s Women Bureau.
The industry now needs competent labor irrespective of the gender & this evergreen career is attracting the women.

7.Opportunity for independents Projects

As a professional welder with the license, one can bid for the independent projects. The maintenance companies outsource work through which, individuals can apply for the job. Also, welding inspectors or advance training holder can get the project of any industrial repair application. 

Hopefully, above shared points will help you to pick Welding as a career choice.

If you find this article interesting, share it with your friends/Colleague and let us know if you have queries. Stay Blessed.

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