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Wuxi Hengda Chemicals, is one of the biggest stockists and manufacturers of welding cleaning chemicals; including stainless steel passivation pickling agent, nozzle anti-blocking agent and anti-spatter liquids to name a few. The company has a well-reputed liquid purification chemical plant located at Donghutang Town territory of Wuxi city. For over 20 year, it has been serving its customers with first-rate quality and reliable products.
A complete and appropriate set-up consists of all necessary equipment and meeting all required standards is what accredits Wuxi Hengda Liquid Purification Chemical Plant as one of the recognized manufacturers in China. Apart from quality and reliability, our on-time delivery and supplying facilities also determine our reputation in market. 
About Our Products
We deal in following products; pickling & passivation gel for stainless steel, anti-weld spatter agent, and anti-blocking agent for nozzle.

1. Pickling and Passivation Gel J-1&J-2 for Stainless Steel

It provides corrosion resistance and helps to eliminate free ion-contamination that tends to remain on stainless steel surface right after machining and fabrication process. The application of this gel forms a thick passive (chemically resistant) layer of chromic oxide which gives adequate resistance against corrosion and continues to maintain stainless steel appearance and shine.
  1. This gel is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable.
  2. It is bio-degradable and environmental friendly.
  3. It performs dual functions of pickling and passivation.
  4. It helps to reduce critical factors against erosion and erosion-corrosion damage mechanisms.
  5. If used in un-diluted form, it does not affect material’s surface.
  6. It is easy in usage and available at quite affordable rates.

Application Area
Pickling and passivation gel is normally used on stainless steel equipment operating in petrochemical, refining, beverages, pharmaceutical and paper industries. It acts as a cleaning agent to remove coating left over scale, oil stains, rust and mills on equipment surface and keeps the process of passivation.
How to Apply?
  1. Apply the gel on required surface with the help of brush.
  2. Allow it to dwell for a suitable period of time; e-g 1 hour for J-2 gel and almost 10-15 minutes for J-1.
  3. After dwell time is over, clean the residues with the help of cotton waste/rug or water rinse till the surface gets brighter and shinier.

  • Bottle – 1kg
  • Drum – 20Kg

Storage Time – 1 year
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturing and ODM Original Design Manufacturing are welcomed.

2. Ant-Weld Spatter Agent

Anti-spatter spray is a water-based paintable agent for the prevention of weld spatter from the metal surface. It can be applied on a wide range of materials including; carbon steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals like aluminum. It’s a best alternative to mechanical grinding and abrasion process to remove excess metal formed as a result of weld spatter. In this way it avoids residual stresses to develop in material due to mechanical removal processes (like abrasion grinding). It also contains inhibitors inside it that protect both base and weld metals against oxidation and corrosion. It facilitates adequate gas flow thus preventing weld defects such as porosity, pitting, pinholes and burn-backs.
  1. It prevents weld spatter to come in contact with work piece and torch tip.
  2. It has significant effect with low consumption rate.
  3. It provides occupational safety.
  4. It is non-flammable and cost-effective.

How to Apply?
  1. Apply equally on either sides of joint with the help of a brush or cotton prior to welding process.
  2. Normally 1Kg of anti-spatter agent can cover an area of almost 20 square meters.
  3. Clean the residue if need be. Normally water rinsing is preferable.

Things not to do
  1. Do not start welding without allowing it to dry out completely.
  2. Avoid spraying on chamfer during operation.

Spray bottle-500g (5Kg, 20Kg, and 25Kg)
3. Anti-Blocking Agent

It acts as an anti-clogging agent and effectively prevents blocking of nozzles from weld splash or spatter. It facilitates welding process to make defect free welds.
  1. Anti-blocking agent is completely non-toxic and non-corrosive.
  2. It is easy in usage and environmental friendly.
  3. It protects welding torch or gun.
  4. It improves welding quality and efficiency.

 How to Apply?
  1. Dip the welding gun about 1-2cm into anti-blocking agent before start welding.
  2. Clean the metal residue after the operation is complete.

  • Cans 200g, 400g
  • 20 Cans/carton

Contact Information
Wuxi Hengda Liquid Purification Chemical Plant
Telephone/Whatsapp: +8613372272718

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