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Taian Leader Cross Boarder Co. Ltd. (TLCB) is a professional and leading manufacturer of Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Products in China. The company has a qualified staff consists of more than eighty (80) people and owns a well-reputed manufacturing unit, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters. At present, our company possesses a wide range of production facilities including; computer controlled plastic injection forming machines, circumfluence and wave crest soldering lines, PCB SMT lines, extra-purificant worktables, spectrometers and optical measuring equipment. Our annual production is about 80,000 pcs.
A welding helmet is a headgear which is used as personal protective equipment (PPE), in order to provide safety, comfort, and convenience by providing complete protection from hazardous sparks, heat burns, infrared and ultraviolet rays emitted during the welding process.
Our auto-darkening welding helmet is more functional than an ordinary helmet and meets all the requirements of standards DIN EN379 and ANSI Z87. We are proud to say that our all products are CE certified.
About Our Product

An auto-darkening helmet gives the clear vision of joint before the start of welding and assists welder to make smooth and sound welds. It has a function to dim arc light automatically with a light control welding mask using optical detection and LCD technology. The main principle behind this includes the detection welding light (mainly infrared or ultraviolet) by an internal photo-electric sensor. The light signal after detection and amplification is then transferred to LCD control circuit. The liquid crystal acts like a light valve which distorts the light colors (green, red, blue etc.) separately. It changes the light transmittance and filters the hazardous (infrared or ultraviolet) rays that can harm a human eye. Finally, the signal passes through a polarizer before reaching a human eye.
An auto-darkening helmet not only protects the health of operator/welder but also provides a clear observation of the whole welding process. It has the following exceptional benefits upon a traditional helmet.

  1. Eye Protection: It double filters the UV and infrared radiation to avoid any damage caused by harmful welding arc light and reduces the incidence of electric ophthalmia.
  2. Face Protection: It effectively protects welder’s face from welding splash or spatter and prevents skins burns.
  3. Respiratory Protection: It effectively reduces the potential release of harmful gases and dust caused by welding with an appropriate gas flow system and prevents the occurrence of pneumoconiosis occupational disease.

Main Technical Data and Specifications
Filter Size: 110 X 90 X 11mm
Viewing Area: 98 X48mm
Ultraviolet Ray Transmittance rate: 313-365nm<4×10-6%
Infrared Ray Transmittance rate: 780-1300nm<0.0027%
Switching time: 1/20000s from bright to dark
Recovery time: 0.1s to 0.8s from dark to bright
Dark Shade range: DIN9-13
Light Shade number: DIN4
Power Supply: Solar Cells
Eye Protection: EN 3791/2/1
Face Protection: EN 175
Auto-Power ON/OFF system: Yes
Net Weight: 460g ± 10gw
About Us
For the last fifteen (15) years, we are devoted to developing related products and have successfully promoted several new items in the market worldwide. We have won customer’s deep trust and continued support with high quality and competitive prices. Trust us, you can make it.
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