Popular Welding Schools In India

In India there are different organizations which are working to promote quality schooling in the field of welding and allied techniques such as welding inspection, non-destructive examination and painting and coating etc. to raise the quality and productivity to higher standards. Below is the list of popular welding institutions in India where aspirants can apply to become future welding associates and professionals.
1. Indian Institute of Welding IIW
The Indian Institute of welding with its extended network of thirteen branches countrywide has been providing educational training services to render the modernization and development in welding science, technology and engineering in a healthy and safe environment.  The institute was first founded on 22nd April 1966 at Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta. IIW in a close liaison with International Institute of Welding also helps to support the fabrication industry and the other welding research centers in the country.
Contact Information
Address: The Indian Institute of Welding IIW-INDIA HOUSE, Plot # 38, Geetanjali Park, 200 Kalikapur Main Road, PO: Mukundapur, Kolkata India.

2. ESAB Welding Institute EWI
The ESAB Welding Institute was established at Taratala, Kolkata by ESAB India Limited to fulfill the need of welding education, training and qualification for the country’s welding industry. The institute serves in technical professional training of the future welders, supervisors and engineers in a safe environment. Moreover EWI also offers services in technical area of materials’ joining and welding, the qualification and certification of welders as per the acceptance criteria of international standards and the non-destructive examination. 
Contact Information
Address: ESAB Welding Institute P41 Taratala Road, Kolkata
3. Welding Research Institute
The Welding Research Institute has been working since 1975, to promote research in welding and other associated material joining areas in Indian Industrial Sector. In an alliance with international research centers, the institute is now gaining a privilege in welding industry. It provides training and certifications in all types of arc welding process as per required by international codes and standards.
Contact Information
Address: The School of Welding Research Institute Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India
4. American Welding Society
Established in 1919, the American Welding Society is now serving worldwide to foster the developments in electric arc welding techniques to improve the quality and productivity with its world recognized codes and standards. AWS also provides training and certification to produce qualified professionals in the field of welding inspection. Also in India, the aspirants can become a certified welding inspector by getting through an examination which includes the written and practical tests on welding fundamentals, the use of inspections tools and equipment and the mitigation of weld defects as per the criteria of AWS code books. Following are the examination centers for AWS certification in India.
Contact Information
1. Address: CUTECH Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. 152 SP Tap Turbo Pak, First Main Road Ambattur Industrial Estate, 21st Phase Chennai 58 Tamilnadu India.
2. Address: Industrial Quality Concepts IQC Training and Services, 40 ECR Shivani 1 thiruvanmiyur near RTO Chennai India
3. Address: BETZ Engineering and Technology Zone 49 Vallalar Street Near ST Thomas Mount Railway Station Chennai India
4. Address: Eurotech Assessment and Certification Services – 4FCS-67, Ansal Plaza Sector 1 Vaishali Ghaziabad, Dehli India
5. Address: Intertek India E20 Block B-1 Mohan Coopertaive Industrial Estate Mathura Road New Dehli

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