Popular Welding Schools in Australia

Listed below are the popular welding schools and precisely the best institutions in Australia which offer advance education incorporating the latest developments and trends in welding sphere. They are committed to provide education, training and advanced skills to the beginners as well as the individuals who are seeking to achieve certification. Have a look!
1. Welding Technology Institute of Australia
To meet the exigency of Australian economic growth, The Welding Technology Institute of Australia is working to make progress in steel joining technologies. For this the institute conducts the training courses on professional development to produce a competitive manpower on both national and international levels. It provides quality education on the welding inspection, coordination, certification and qualification and occupational health and safety at work field.
Courses: International Welding Inspector, International Welding Engineer, International Welding Specialist, International Welding Technologist, International Welding Coordinator, Occupational Health and Safety, Welder’s Qualification and Certification.
Contact Information
Address: WTIA Building # 3, Level 3, Pymble Cooperate Sector 20 Bridge Street Pymble Australia.

2. Melbourne Polytechnic
The Melbourne Polytechnic provides a wide range of educational and professional development opportunities for both local and international students who are ambitious to follow a reputable career in the field of welding, boiler making, metal trade, production supervisor, manufacturing and fabrication etc.
Courses they offer are; Arc and Oxyacetylene welding, Welding Supervisor, Production Manager, Pressure Vessel and Boiler Making, Drawing Reading and many more.
Contact Information
Address: Melbourne Polytechnic 77 St Georges Road Preston Victoria Australia
3. Australian Welding Institute
The Education and Certification Department of the Australian Welding Institute commits to provide the propitious and promising education, training, qualification and certification for worldwide welding fabrication industry. It offers both nationally and internationally recognized certifications in the field of welding inspection, welders certification and welders supervisor.
Contact Information
Address: AWI Australian Welding Institute P.O Box 1140 Golden South Australia
4. XLT institute of Welding
For more than 20 years, XLT is committed to provide best training institution on both national and international levels. It offers a wide range of learning and professional development opportunities availing which the individuals could achieve the industrial placements. The graduates are now very well thought of within the global industry.
Courses they offer are: Arc Welding, Poly-Welding, Boiler-Making, Underwater Welding, Forklifting, Rigging and many other short courses.

Contact Information
Address: 33 Howson Way Bibra Lake West Australia
Address: 340 Melton Road, Northgate Queensland Australia
5. Australian Welding Academy
The Australian Welding Academy was established in 2012, to keep up with the ever-increasing demand of a skilled and professionally trained manpower for a welding fabrication industry. With the short period of hard work and tenacity, the AW academy has gained a considerable privilege in Australian industrial sector. Since the industry demands for an experienced staff with nationally recognized certifications and qualifications, the AWA offers a top-tier educational environment for the professional grooming of future workforce at an affordable price.
Courses they offer are: Tungsten Inert Gas Welding TIG, Metal Inert Gas Welding, Flux-core Arc Welding, Manual Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Oxy-cutting, Welding Inspector and Welding Supervisor.
Contact Information
Address: The Australian Welding Academy 5/156 Bannister Road Canning Vale

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