4 Top Welding Supply Companies in United States

Are you looking for a staunch and infallible source for welding supply, equipment repair, & maintenance or rental services which are consistently good in quality and available at the affordable price? Then you are at right place.
Listed below are the leading distributors in the United States which are providing their customers with exceptional services.
Wherever you live in the United States, You can find out top quality welding supplies near you from below list.
1. Welder Supply Company
In 1938, a genteel welder called George Uhlir introduced a welding supply company with the concept of providing the customers with his best welding products and services. With the passage of time, the company grew by paying particular attention to new and sophisticated metal joining techniques. Today it is the most reliable source of quality welding solutions and products just like its trailblazer. The Welder Supply Company deals in all kinds of welding equipment including;
  • Safety Equipment: Welding Clothing, Gloves, Helmet, Glasses, Hearing Protection, Face Shields
  • Welding Machines: TIG Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, MIG Metal Inert Gas Welding, Stick / Manual Metal Arc Welding.
  • Accessories and Tools: Filler Rods and Wires, Tools, Clamps, Gases,& Abrasives.
  • Gas Welding and Cutting Machines and Plasma Cutting Machines.

Moreover, the company also provides its customers with top-class services – Welding Supplies, Technical support, Equipment Repairing, and calibration etc.
Contact Information
Address: Headquarters 704, 4thStreet Beloit, Wisconsin USA
Call: 1-800-236-8825
ESAB is the world’s pre-eminent producer in welding and cutting equipment. It commits to manufacture the top-quality products and to deliver the best solutions to meet the customer satisfaction. It supplies the following products to various industries worldwide including; pipelines, pipe mills, power generation, fabrication, process industry, civil construction, onshore and offshore oil and gas, transport etc.
  • Arc Welding Equipment; TIG Tungsten Inert Gas, MIG Metal inert gas, SMAW Shield metal arc, accessories.
  • Welding Automation; Robotics, Controllers, Heads, Handling Equipment, Tractors, Columns, and Booms.
  • Filler metals/ Consumables; Coated Stick Electrodes, FCAW wires (gas shielded and self-shielded), TIG Rods, Metal-Cored Wires, MIG Wires, Submerged Arc Rods and Fluxes, Welding taps.


  • Cutting Equipment; Gas Cutting Machine, Carbon Arc Gouging, Plasma Cutting, accessories.
  • Safety Equipment; Personal Protective equipment, Goggles, Welding Helmet, Clothing.
Contact Information
Address: ESAB Welding and Cutting Products 2800 Airport Road Denton Texas, United States
Call:  1-800-372-2123
ARCO commits to be the best welding equipment supplier and repair service provider which is located in Malden Massachusetts, United States. The company was established in 1950 by an estimable family. Today with a great deal of effort and endurance for over six decades, ARCO is now a recognized distributor. They have a great deal of variety in products from the following manufacturers; Miller, Lincoln Electric, Airflow, Harris, DeWalt, & Diamond Group. Moreover, they also facilitate the customers with affordable rental services.
Contact Information
Address: 1200 Eastern Ave, Malden, Massachusetts
Call: 781-324-3510
4. Advanced Welding Supply Company Inc.
A family-owned company which is organized to delight its customers with a dependable supply of industrial gas and welding equipment. The AWSC also provides the industrial sector with immediate repair and maintenance services of the equipment they supply. They offer a wide range of products from a diverse of manufacturers including;
  • Gases, Gas Apparatus and Cutting Equipment
  • Welding equipment, machines, and accessories
  • Filler metals and consumables
  • Plasma Cutting Equipment, abrasives, and tools
  • Safety and personal protective equipment
Contact Information
Address: Corporate Office 9036 W. Schlinger Ave West Allis WI 53214
Call: 414-258-7100

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