Popular Welding Institutes in Ukraine

Here is the list of institutes in Ukraine which are providing quality schooling in welding technologies, engineering and equipment. They promise to provide educational services for those students who want to see themselves as experts in materials welding, brazing, electric arc welding, spraying, coating and quality investigations.
Study in Ukraine – The Mechanical Faculty
To prepare demanding manpower in welding technologies, the Faculty of Mechanical is providing great opportunities of education for interested students. They offer schooling in technologies of welding and cutting machines, equipment designing and other training courses for future welders. Graduate Students are now working as experts in material fabrication industries; Oil & Gas, maritime and automotive. Moreover they also provide means for the development of advance welding technologies.
Contact Information
Address: Study in Ukraine Polova Street 24, Kiev 03056
Telephone: +380 97 388 1997

National Technical Universities of Ukraine
Faculty of welding in NTUU, is also providing technical education on designing and building of innovative welding machines and equipment. They offer training courses of different programs of bachelors, masters and specialist in welding engineering. Schooling under the guidance of skilled faculty staff, they offer innovative ways for the development of modern welding technologies to meet the demanding requirements of fabrication industries. For leading students, they also offer special certification program of International Welding Engineer.
Contact Information
Address:  Building 23 Second Floor, Room 220, Dashavska str.6/2, Kyiv 03056
E.O Paton Electric Welding Institute
Founded in 1934, Paton Electric Welding is now one of the most popular research institutes which are working for the development of modern technologies in welding fabrication. The center is providing research services, in order to develop advance welding units and consumables and to provide solution for the problems, that arise in the field of welding and brazing. Moreover the advancement of welding inspection techniques by development of modern non-destructive examination, to further enhance the quality and durability of welding.
Contact Information
Address: The E.O Paton Electric Welding Institute
11 Bozhenko street, Kyiv 03680 Ukraine


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