Welding terminologies and their abbreviations

It is usual practice to write terminologies in shortened form. For this we combine first alphabetic letters of the specific words, which is so called abbreviation. Abbreviations are widely used for the ease of understanding but sometimes we face such combination of letters that we don’t know what they stand for.
Here we listed some common welding terminologies along with their abbreviations in alphabetical order. Scroll down and get the one you searching for.
·         A
  •             AAW  Argon Arc Welding
  •        ABN  Acoustic Barkhausen Noise
  •        AC  Alternating Current
  •        AEC  Acoustic Emission Technique
  •             AHW  Atomic Hydrogen Welding
  •             AISI  American Iron and Steel Institute
  •        ANSI  American National Standards Institute
  •        AOD  Argon-Oxygen Decarburization
  •            API  American Petroleum Institute
  •       ASM  American Society of Metals
  •           ASME  American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  •       ASS  Austenitic Stainless Steel
  •           AWS  American Welding Society
  •       BCC  Body-Centered Cubic
  •       BHN  Brinell Hardness Number
  •           BS  British Standards
  •       BWRA  British Welding Research Association
  •       CAT  Crack Arrest Temperature
  •           CAV  Constant Arc Voltage
  •           CAW  Carbon Arc Welding
  •           CC  Constant Current
  •       CCD  Critical Current Density
  •       CCP  Critical Cracking Potential
  •       CCT  Continuous Cooling Transformation
  •           Cequiv – Carbon Equivalent
  •       CF  Corrosion Fatigue
  •       CGHAZ  Course Grained Heat Affected Zone
  •       CJP  Complete Joint Penetration
  •           COD  Crack Opening Display
  •           CP  Constant Potential
  •       CTE  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  •       CTOD  Crack Tip Opening Displacement
  •           CV  Constant Voltage
  •             DAV  Drooping Arc Voltage
  •             DC  Direct Current
  •             DCEN  Direct Current Electrode Negative
  •             DCEP  Direct Current Electrode Positive
  •        DF  Delta Ferrite
  •             DIN  Deutsches Institut Fur Normung (German Standards)
  •        DMAC  Demodulated Autocorrelogram
  •        DNV  Det Norske Veritas
  •        DOS  Degree of Sensitisation
  •        DSS  Duplex Stainless Steel
  •        DWDI  Double Wall Double Image
  •        DWSI  Double Wall Single Image
  •           EBW  Electron Beam Welding
  •       ECI  Eddy Current Inspection
  •       ECSC  European Coal and Steel Community
  •       EFN  Extended Ferrite Number
  •       EOT  Electric Overhead Travelling
  •       EPR  Electrochemical Potentiokinetic Reactivation
  •       ESCR  Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance
  •       ESR  Electro Slag Remelt
  •           ESW  Electro Slag Welding
  •       EWLa  Lanthanated Tungsten Electrode
  •       EWP  Pure Tungsten Electrodes
  •       EWTh  Thoriated Tungsten Electrode
  •       EWZr  Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode
  •             FCAW  Flux Core Arc Welding
  •        FCC  Face Centered Cubic
  •        FGHAZ  Fine Grained Heat Affected Zone
  •        FN  Ferrite Number 
  •            FRW  Friction Welding
  •        FS  Fatigue Strength
  •        FSS  Ferritic Stainless Steel
  •        FTE  Fracture Transition Elastic
  •        FTP  Fracture Transition Plastic
  •            FW  Flash Welding
  •             HAZ  Heat Affected Zone
  •        HCS  Hot Cracking Sensitivity
  •        HE  Hydrogen Embrittlement
  •        HF  Higher Frequency
  •             HSLA  High Strength Low Alloy steel
  •        HSS  Higher Speed Steel
  •        HT  Heat Treated
  •        IABSE  International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineers
  •        ICHAZ  Inter-critical Heat Affected Zone
  •        ID  Inside Diameter
  •        IGC  Inter-granular Corrosion
  •        IIW  International Institute of Welding
  •        IQI  Image Quality Indicator 
  •             ISO  International Organization for Standardization
  •             IW  Induction Welding
  •      JIS  Japanese Industrial Standards
  •           LA  Low Alloy
  •       LBM  Laser Beam Machining
  •           LBW  Laser Beam Welding
  •       LBZ  Local Brittle Zone
  •           LCF  Low Cycle Fatigue
  •           LEFM  Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
  •           LOP  Lack of Penetration
  •       LPG  Liquid Petroleum Gas
  •       LPI  Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  •       LTS Low-Temperature Sensitisation
  •             MAG  Metal Active Gas
  •        MAWP  Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
  •        MBN  Magnetic Barkhausen Noise
  •        MDMT  Minimum Design Metal Temperature 
  •            MIG  Metal Inert Gas
  •            MMAW  Manuel Metal Arc Welding
  •        MPI  Magnetic Particle Inspection
  •            MS  Mild Steel
  •        MSLD  Mass Spectrometer Leak Detection
  •        MTR  Material Testing Report
  •        NCR  Non Conformance Report
  •            NDT  Nondestructive testing
  •        NFN  Normalized Ferrite number
  •        NGW  Narrow Gap Welding
  •           OAW  Oxyacetylene Welding
  •       OCP  Open Circuit Potential
  •       OCV  Open Circuit Voltage
  •       OD  Outside Diameter
  •       OEL  Occupational Exposure Limit 
  •           OFW  Oxyfuel Gas Welding
  •        PAM  Plasma Arc Machining
  •           PAW  Plasma Arc Welding
  •       PCD  Passive Current Density
  •       PCR  Pitting Corrosion Resistance
  •       PFBR  Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
  •       PHWR  Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor
  •       PJP  Partial Joint Penetration
  •       PREN  Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number
  •       PVRC  Pressure Vessel Research Council
  •       PWHT Post Weld Heat Treatment
  •          QT steel – Quenched and Tempered Steel
  •           RAV  Rising Arc Voltage 
  •       RSW  Resistance Spot Welding
  •       RT  Radiographic Testing
  •           RW  Resistance Welding
  •           SA Weld  Submerged Arc
  •       SAC  Strain Age Cracking
  •       SAD  Stress Assisted Dissolution
  •           SAE  Society of Automotive Engineers
  •       SAFT  Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique
  •       SCC  Stress Corrosion Cracking
  •           SCF  Stress Concentration Factor
  •       SFD  Source Film Distance
  •       SFE  Stacking Fault Energy 
  •           SIF  Stress Intensity Factor
  •           SMAW  Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  •           SS   Stainless Steel
  •       STRA  Short Transverse Reduction in Area
  •           SW  Stud Arc Welding
  •           TIG  Tungstun Inert Gas
  •       TMCP  Thermo Mechanically Controlled Processed
  •       TOFD  Time of Flight Diffraction Technique
  •       TSR  Thermal Stress Relief
  •           TW  Thermite Welding
  •       UCS  Unit of Crack Susceptibility
  •           USW  Ultrasonic Welding
  •       UT  Ultrasonic Testing
  •       UTS  Ultimate Tensile Strength
  •       VPN  Vickers Pyramid Number
  •       VSR  Vibratory Stress Relief
  •           VV Variable Voltage
  •       WFS  Wire Feed Speed
  •       WRC  Welding Research Council
  •       YAG  Yttrium Aluminum Garnet 

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