Weldpedia Excellence Scholarship

A $1000 Science and Engineering Scholarship

Weldpedia is an educational blog, for the registration of people involved with welding and allied fields worldwide. It serves as a voice of industry and provides students, professionals and home welders with a complete conceptualization of; welding procedures, techniques, safety, quality inspection, repair and product reviews. For example: Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews

Students from high school, undergraduates or post graduates are invited to register themselves against the Excellence Scholarship Program. We are looking for students who carry an instinctive aptitude and demonstrable ability for writing to receive $1000 award. 

Students who are currently enrolled in high schools, colleges or universities
Students belonging to mechanical/metallurgy/welding science and engineering

What you’ll do?
All you need to do is to create an original and unique content (500 -1000 words) on ‘Welding’.

How to Apply?
Submit your content in .doc file vide scholarship@weldpedia.com alongwith the following details.
  1. Excellence Scholarship Program as the subject of email
  2. Your full name
  3. Your personal details (email address, contact number, mailing address)
  4. School name where you are studding at present time
  5. Area of education
Submission Deadline
The last date for the submission of content is September 30, 2017

How winners will be contacted?
Once the content is submitted, our team will make a review to check for the uniqueness and originality. The winner will be announced according to the team's final decision.
Winners will be contacted via their personal details (contact number, email/mailing address).

Weldpedia looks forward to reading your submissions !