Welcome to Weldpedia

Weldpedia is an educational platform, imparting an eloquent learning to all welding related personnel, students and home welders. It’s about better understanding and developing the conceptualization in weld culture; including welding procedures, techniques, tactics, repair, and quality inspection and safety.
Weldpedia develops the methodology that makes our tutees aware of strategies and techniques need to deal with weld problems; defects, imperfections, repair and couple of other things. It provides an air of conceptual study about dealing with complications and the work related dilemma that people face in welding.   
It also covers the inspection area of welding and deals with all criteria and studies that are required for weld quality conformance. Deals with visual and equipment testing for the investigation of weld imperfections and also the systematic study of finding means to resolve them. Weldpedia also provides means for better understanding of purpose and performance of non-destructive examination employed for the examination of minor defects. Moreover it gives deep insight about weld equipment, tools, instruments, chemical and thermal treatments and weld-able materials. 

Weldpedia also encourages and promotes creative and innovative activities for new projects incorporating the latest trends, innovation and advancements.
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