Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews and Buyer Guide

If you are struggling with an old helmet for some time now and still unable to see clearly what exactly you are doing is just because the field of view is so small. Don’t wait to replace it as switching to a new helmet may entirely change your welding experience. It makes no difference whether you are working in a shop or a home welder to make repair welds on you own car, motorbike, van or gate, you just need a right equipment to get your job done with ease and comfort, isn’t it. Not with standing years of experience, an expert welder with weary eyes and brain can make mistakes with the use of faulty equipment. In such critical conditions, you need appropriate equipment that not only facilitate but also guide you, to perform job more precisely in a way that fits well within time, need and requirements.

Best Welding Helmets

What exactly a welding helmet is?
A welding helmet is very important personal protective equipment which protects user from intense arc light and sparks. A complete protection of face from sparks, eyes from ultraviolet & infrared radiations and respiration from hazardous gases is what makes welding helmet an ideal protective equipment. Although above stated hazards are bitter pill to swallow but everyone has to be cautious to make one alive and kicking isn’t it. So if you want to feel on the top of the world make a right choice for a helmet that can be a great fit for you. 

Features to look for
When you are going to buy a welding helmet, a lot of queries flip through your mind about which one will be a best fit for you. Especially when there is a great deal of variety available in products, it’s really hard to make final decision. Following is the list of some key things that must be kept in mind before making the selection of best welding helmet.
  1. What size of lens or viewing area is required?
  2. Does it provide adequate protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation?
  3. Does its build quality and shape provide adequate protection for your face?
  4. Is the helmet material durable? (E-g. high impact Polyamide Nylon is preferable)
  5. Does it include a storage case?
  6. Is it light in weight? – Does it lie in a range that will make you feel comfortable and you don’t notice that you’re wearing it.
  7. Does it include battery?
  8. Is battery replaceable and easily available in market when it finally gives out?
  9. Battery Quality and average life
  10. Does it meet required safety standards?
  11. Does it work with ‘automatic switch off’ function?  

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