Popular Welding Schools in USA

Welding Class:
Students feel an interactive class room experience through a hands-on practical training program under the supervision of industry qualified experts.  An institution caters to its students with all learning difficulties and helps them to get off to a running start in a professional career.

What is a certified welder?
A certified welder is qualified to make welds as per the requirements of different industry standard specifications. A welder can get certification after going through a performance-based examination under a supervision of recognized testing facility.

How to get welding certification?

If one asks that who is eligible for certification program then the answer is; everyone who has some welding experience and is capable to perform and pass the test. Since there is no prior certification or training course required, everyone is eligible to apply. 

A welder is tested in a recognized testing facility by a certified welding inspector, to perform according to the welding procedure specifications. Once successfully gone through the examination, a welder is provided with a certificate that he can take with him anywhere he gets a job. 

A form showing that you are still performing the same welding, for which you were qualified, is required to be submitted after every six months.

Following are the best welding schools in United States along with their details of contact, address and the educational facilities they provide.

1. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
One of the popular technical institutes in the United States, that offers special skill building training programs on welding, inspection and testing. The institute not only has organized accommodation facility but  also offers online courses for non-native students. The courses they offer are; Certified welding training for welders, supervisors, and inspectors in a safe healthy environment and also meeting the international requirements for non-natives. Moreover, the organization pledged itself to provide scholarships and financial aid for needy students.
Contact Information
Address: Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
400 Trade Square E Troy, OH45373
Toll Free: 1-800-332-9448
Fax: 937-332-9550

2. Tulsa Welding School
Tulsa Welding School is a technical educational institute, which is providing quality training programs on welding and refrigeration for both states and international students. The institute has a facility of safe classrooms and well-equipped laboratories. Students are provided with special training by qualified professionals. The special courses they offer are; training program for welder, welding specialist, pipe fitting and electro-mechanical technology. Moreover the organization also promises to provide financial aid for needy students.
Campuses and Contact Information
Campus 1
Address: 2545 East 11 Street, Tulsa, OK 74014-3309
Telephone: (888) 765-5555
Campus 2
Address: 3500 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32216
Campus 3
Address: 243 Greens Road, Houston, TX 77060

3. Lincoln Electric Welding School
Since 1917, Lincoln Electrics weld school has been providing educational training on arc welding. A safe and secure environment, meeting the requirements of occupational health and safety, to lean welding basics under the supervision of best-qualified instructors. The purpose of Lincoln welding school is to prepare students to enhance their technical skills and to get  best welding jobs in fabrication industries.
Training programs they offer; introduction to welding, Pipe Welding, Tungsten Inert Gas training, Metal Inert Gas training, Flux cored Arc Welding training, Welding Safety, Plasma cutting.
Contact Information
Lincoln Electric Company 22801 St. Clair Avenue, Cheveland, OH 44117-119
Telephone: 216 383 2259

4. Knight School of Welding
Knight School of Welding is working to educate learners in pure interactive training environment where they can develop skills and technical abilities to make significant contribution in big industries. They are serving in training programs of arc welding in all positions (TIG, MIG, FCAW and SMAW), basics of plasma and oxy acetylene cutting and special education for the preparation of certified welding inspector exams.

Contact Information
Address: 2017 South 39th Street, Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

5. Modern Welding School
Modern Welding School was established in 1961, for the aim to provide an organized training on welding. The purpose of school is to encourage learners, to learn welding basics and techniques under the guidance of profound instructors. They offer specialized programs on modern techniques of arc welding in specially organized laboratories.
Contact Information
Address: 1842- State Street Schenectady N. Y. 12304

6. Advanced Welding Institute
Advanced Welding Institute provides special teaching programs for pipe and structural welding. Organized individual training under controlled management, the school offers best learning environment, class rooms, group discussion and practical laboratories so that learner can develop innovative welding skills and give sound performance in manufacturing industries. Completely equipped welding shops which are providing a safe, secure and student friendly environment. AWI takes great care of needy learners by providing them with financial aid opportunities.
Campuses and Contact Information
1. South Burlington, Vermont
Address: 2 Green Tree Drive, Suit 3 South Burlington, VT 05403
2. Eagle River, Wisconsin
Address: 8090 Hwy 17 South Eagle River


  1. I believe a school was missed in this article that would be Manatee Technical College.
    This school is a AWS, Accredited Test Facility .
    6305 State RD, 70ty E Bradenton Fl, 34203

  2. Could you tell us good schools for welding in the city of New York?

    1. Apex Technical School, Modern Welding School, School of Cooperative Technical Education Welding. These schools provide services in welding certifications, pipe welding and blue print reading. Good Luck :)

    2. Thank you. Will soon go on courses in the Institute Paton (Ukraine), and then want to learn in some New York school. If interested, I will leave my impressions of training at the Paton Institute.

    3. Good Luck ! Paton Institute is the best gateway to success in your welding career. You can also get an overview on Paton Electric Welding Institute from this site. Moreover your remarks on training will be appreciable. Wishes :)

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  4. Number of classes & opportunities and academic level are ones of the crucial factors to choose the best school. Click high school list in usa to find more!


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